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Home Health, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and In Home Care

Combining Services

Home health and In home care are not mutually exclusive services. Many families find that utilizing these services in tandem best help a senior who, for example, is recovering after a hospitalization. The home health staff address clinical and rehabilitative needs during the transition home, while a In Home Care Agency can help with personal caregiving and household chores that the senior requires assistance with during his or her recovery whether that's for just a few hours a day or 24/7 around the clock care.

Home Health care - Licensed skilled care, such as Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Work, Dietary, Etc.... Is Physician ordered, typically intermittent and only lasts for a short duration of time. Home Healthcare is usually paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance and private pay. While Home Healthcare may put a care plan in place for treatment, an In Home Caregiver can assist a client to do their daily exercises for therapies each day and remind a client to take their medications.

Assisted Living - Is housing for the elderly or persons unable to live independently that provides midlevel custodial care, medication support, life style activities, transportation and meals.

How is assisted living different from nursing homes?

The typical Assisted Living resident is elderly and has had a slight to moderate decline in health or functional ability and needs help with one or more ADLs. They require a little assistance to get through the day. They don't have severe medical problems that need to be closely supervised by medical professionals. Nurses may not be in the facility at all times. The facility itself is usually more home-like with rooms set up like apartments. There are usually different levels of care available at varying costs.

Nursing home residents typically require around the clock care and often have multiple medical problems that require nursing supervision. There are nurses on duty 24 hours a day. Some facilities have private rooms, but they are usually much smaller than an apartment. In some facilities residents share rooms. Typically you are charged a set fee for room and board no matter how much care you require. One Nurse may provide care for as many as 30 or more Residents at a time with the assistance of 3 to 5 Nurse's Aides caring for as many as 60 Residents each day and these staffing ratios only increase sometimes doubling when the lights go out. This is why hiring an In Home Care Agency and having one on one care provided by a compassionate caregiver can't be beat, it's the best situation available and a person gets to stay at home, it's a significant increase to quality of life

Angels Home Care LLC partners with Home Healthcare, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Hospice Care to help keep or bring your loved one home and provide the best care possible to ensure their quality of life. Also, our caregivers provide those same services no matter where a person is living, we go where we are needed, armed with compassion, empathy and love.